May 2020

  • Tailwind CSS + Hugo | Step 3 – Adding some basic content.

    I added some basic content to the site index page tonight.

    I don’t want to design the layout in isolation from the content. Real content allows me to do this piece by piece, and gives me some confidence in my approach.

    It keeps me grounded to one of the reasons for doing this in the first place.

    Read on and see how I added the basic content, and what I’m going to do in step 4.

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April 2020

  • Tailwind CSS + Hugo | Step 2 – Create a Basic Layout

    It’s been a while since Step 1 but I’ve finally come back to have a little further exploration with Tailwind.

    After Step 1, I had a very very basic site in place, so I decided it’s time to create a basic layout.

    I’ve decided not to be very adventurous to start-out, and so I stick with the single column layout I currently have on the site, along with three main sections of content.

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  • Release: pathfinder 0.6.2

    Pathfinder 0.6.2 is a minor release, with a fix that requires the filepath parameter to exist.

    If the path does not exist an error is raised.