I deleted thousands of files from Dropbox recently, and the following morning I received this excellent email from Dropbox.

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Hi John,

We noticed that you recently deleted a large number of files from your Dropbox. Deleted files are saved for 30 days, and can be restored anytime during that 30-day window.

Dropbox will save deleted files longer than 30 days if you’ve purchased Extended Version History, or if you have a Dropbox for Business account.

Want to restore? Go to www.dropbox.com/events, select the deletion event, and then click the restore link.

Learn more at www.dropbox.com/help/400.

We thought you should know about these large deletion event(s) that occurred recently:

You deleted 10,992 files
29/7/2015 11:32 PM more details

You deleted 3,258 files
29/7/2015 11:05 PM more details

If you meant to delete these files, you can ignore this email.

Happy Dropboxing!

  • The Dropbox Team