I need to extract the maximum vserver id and the maximum source id from a Cherokee configuration file, so I can auto-generate configuration for test instances. The following is the solution I came up with:

import os
import re

def increpl(matchobj):
    Replace the include statement with the content of the file.
    inc = matchobj.group(1)
    return parse(inc)

def parse(filename):
    Returns the configuration with all includes resolved.
    cfile = open(filename, 'r')
    content = cfile.read()
    return re.sub('include\s*=\s*(.*)\s*', increpl, content)
def get_ids(filename):
    Returns the maximum vserver id, and the maximum source id
    present in this configuration.
    config = parse(filename)
    vs_ids = [int(x) for x in (re.findall('vserver\!(\d+)\!', config))]
    src_ids = [int(x) for x in (re.findall('source\!(\d+)\!', config))]
    return max(list(set(vs_ids))), max(list(set(src_ids)))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    vserver_id, source_id = get_ids("cherokee.conf")
    print vserver_id, source_id

Are there any obvious improvements you would make to this?