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wercker doesn’t currently have provide a feature to ignore files when deploying.

As I deploy to Heroku using a git push I can use a .gitignore file to ignore files when deploying from wercker.

I have two ignore files, .gitignore is for my app repository, and .deploy.gitignore is for ignoring files during the deploy stage.

As part of my build I overwrite .gitignore with .deploy.gitignore. When wercker creates the deploy repository it ignores any files that match the rules in the ignore file.

I use the following step in my wercker.yml:

- script:
    name: "app init"
    code: |-
      cd /pipeline/build
      cp operations/.deploy.gitignore .gitignore

/pipeline/build is where wercker puts your code so we have to cd there as the default working directory is $HOME.

And that’s it. Don’t want any .pyc files being pushed to your deployment platform, add *.pyc to your .deploy.gitignore. Add as many rules as you see fit.