I’m saddened to hear that Echolibre are winding down their consultancy business. I’m delighted to hear that it’s because their Orchestra product is gathering momentum, and they are joining forces with Engine Yard to further develop it.

From the Orchestra blog:

We are delighted to announce that Orchestra has joined forces with Engine Yard. Our first commitment is to our community. A few months ago, we outlined in our manifesto that we wanted to give our community access to new tools, and encourage PHP developers everywhere to build for the future. This commitment remains, and with Engine Yard’s support, it means we can realise that commitment sooner. Engine Yard are as dedicated to their community as we are to ours. They have a strong culture of supporting and contributing to Open Source, and they have deep expertise in the PaaS world. This strong cultural fit will provide us with a solid foundation upon which to build the best PHP platform for Startups and Enterprises alike.

Congratulations and best wishes to Eamon, David and the rest of the Orchestra team.