Baseliner 1.0.beta(minified) has reverted to client side overlay generation. The main reason for this change, is to allow Baseliner to work offline. I felt that this simple tool should not need an internet connection to work.

The bookmarklet is still using version 0.9.11, I’ll update that when I’m happy enough with how this version is working.

The overlay is now generated as SVG and then set as a background image using a Data URL. This means Baseliner will no longer work in some legacy browsers due to the use of SVG and Data URLs.

If you want to revert to the previous way of doing things, you can host the overlay generation service yourself, and then modify the URL that serves the overlay in the 0.9.11 release.

This version has been tested in the latest Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and Safari on OS X 10.10.

Baseliner 1.0.beta is enabled on this page, so you can test if it works in your browser of choice.