Tired of creating background images to help you establish your baseline grid? Baseline Background is here to help. It’s a web app that generates a PNG to help establish a baseline grid. It currently generates the background images used by baseliner.

How do I use it?

/* generate a 21px tall baseline */
background: url(http://baselinebg.keyes.ie?h=21) repeat;

Customizing The following are the supported configuration parameters:

  • h — height; in pixels, 0–500
  • r — red; 0–255
  • g — green; 0–255
  • b — blue; 0–255
  • a — alpha; 0–255
  • s — spacing; in pixels, 1–10


This is a light grey solid 27 pixel baseline grid.

link to background image


MIT License


The source code is available on GitHub.