I received my beta invite to Typeform a couple of days ago, and today I had a need to gather some data around the area of online service sign-ups at trade fair booths. This was an ideal time to test it out.

What is Typeform?

Typeform want us to “Say goodbye to boring forms & surveys”. At first glance that may read as a frivolous statement, but forms are the gateway and the wall between human and service. Anything that can widen the gate and lower the wall, is a good thing.

Typeform is not just for survey’s, it can also be used to build applications. Watch their video for a taste of what it can do.


Building a form

The interface for building forms is simple and enjoyable to use. I made this short video (2 minutes) showing how to build a simple survey, and how the result is rendered in the browser.

Typeform Demo

Device Agnostic

Another compelling feature of Typeform is that you don’t need to custom build forms for the device you are targeting. If you have a capable internet phone or tablet, and visit the same URL as from a desktop browser, you will see a beautifully rendered and functioning survey.

There’s more

Typeform also lets you theme your forms, it can be configured to send you an email for each submission, it can also send the person who filled out the survey a copy of their submission, and it provides metrics into your forms web-traffic (including unique visits, completion rates, avg. time to complete, and more).

In conclusion

Typeform is awesome, and I think it has started well towards it’s goal of saying goodbye to boring forms.

Now that you’ve seen what Typeform can do, maybe you’d be so kind as to fill out my Online Sign Up Survey. Thanks!